Supporting Oil Boilers

DMR Plumbing & Heating have experts who can also work with your oil boiler. If you need help with upgrading, repairs or even an emergency call out to your boiler, then do not hesitate to contact us.

You can relax knowing that our team at DMR have a wealth of knowledge to support you and provide the best options available to you.
We know many of our customers are not connected to the mains gas network. So if you live in a rural area of Wrexham, Chester, Oswestry and through-out the Northwest, you can trust that DMR will get to you, no matter how ‘out in the sticks’ you are!
DMR are OFTEC registered engineers so can give you the guarantee we can install a range of oil boilers from all the leading oil brands in the UK such as Worcester Bosch, Grant, Mistral, Firebird & Warmflow.
Oils Boilers
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Oils Boilers

Why choose an oil boiler?

DMR have a wealth of expertise in installing, servicing and repairing oil boilers in Wrexham, Chester, Oswestry and throughout the North West. Oil boilers are more efficient than gas and, in many situations, are utilised when the area you live in is not connected to the main gas network. They operate similarly to gas, providing heating and hot water via taps and radiators in your home.
Around 1.1 million homes in the UK have an oil-fired heating system, which accounts for approximately 25% of all ‘off-grid’ properties. Oil is a reliable fuel, and our OFTEC engineers have a wealth of experience installing, servicing and repairing.
It is also worth noting that oil boilers are one of the most cost-effective methods of fuelling a central heating system, although the price of oil can fluctuate.
Oil boilers are extremely energy efficient as they only heat water on demand rather than having a stored backlog. Not only does that reduce energy output, but it also saves on the required fuel.
Happy Family with Oil Boiler

How Do Oil Boilers Work?

Oil boilers can be more efficient than gas, in many situations. They operate similarly to gas, providing you heating and hot water via taps and radiators in your home. You can have an oil boiler fitted internal or externally., with the oil tank installed over or underground.
Oil boilers functionally operate the same way as any other boiler, the oil is set alight, and a heat exchanger warms up cold water from either your mains pipe or a storage tank. The boiler then pumps the hot water through radiators within your central heating system or to your taps when hot water is required.
The big difference between an oil boiler and other fuel types is that an oil-fired boiler requires an external oil supply. An external storage tank holds this oil securely and requires a regular delivery once you understand how much oil your property needs for heating and hot water.
There are three oil boilers, combi, conventional and system boilers, allowing you to select the most appropriate option for your property. Oil combi boilers have their hot water storage tank built in, as opposed to the external components required for the conventional and system boilers.
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